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WWII WW2 Battlefield Pickup IWO JIMA Samurai Sword

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Current Price: $175.00

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WWII WW2 Battlefield Pickup IWO JIMA Samurai Sword Picture(s) and Description:

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WWII JAPANESE SAMURAI SWORD Battlefield Pickup!! PLEASE NOTE: I’ve listed several pictures, but if you see one or more missing (showing an empty box & a "Red X ") Simply "right mouse button click" while holding your pointer over the box, and select "show picture" ALSO....Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see an explaination about the high shipping cost...REFUND ON PART VERY POSSIBLE This sword was one of several items picked up by my father on Iwo Jima in the early part of 1945 before he left that "hell hole" A copy of his discharge papers showing his service on that (and other) islands will be included with this auction. HOWEVER...his name and service number will be "blacked out" in respect for the rest of my surviving family (at their request) While getting him to talk about his service in the war was like "pulling teeth", I was able to get some answers about some of his souvenirs As for this sword..... The obvious question about how he acquired it? He said that it was underneath the body of a "Jap" he found while on "pit duty" (the slang term for enemy burial) The other question I had was if he had any idea how the obvious nick in the blade came to be His "guess" was that it was a defensive mark from a Marine rifle of other tool (such as a shovel) This sword is far from perfect condition. Other than the large nick in the blade, (see close up picture of both sides) the handle is missing the shark/ray skin on the largest portion (however, it’s exactly the way may dad said he found it) After some light research, I see that this is one of the government confiscated (or donated to) swords that were cut down to meet military specs. I see no remnants of the markers name under the handle If you are a WWII collector, and like items that "were actually there"............. THIS AUCTION IS FOR YOU!! BID WITH CONFIDENCE! I guarantee the items in my auctions to be as they are described. If not, I will refund the bid price. NOTE: INSURANCE IS INCLUDED IN THE SHIPPING COST! EBAY'S NEW RULE ON INSURANCE IS RIDICULOUS! AS A SELLER OF AUCTIONS, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE FINAL BID PRICE WILL BE, AND THEREFORE CANNOT CALCULATE INSURANCE ACCURATELY. ALSO, SOME LOWER PRICED ITEMS MAY NOT EVEN NEED INSURANCE. HOWEVER, THEY WON'T LET ME "OFFER" INSURANCE...I CAN ONLY "FOLD IN THE COST" IN THE TOTAL SHIPPING CHARGE I AM ONLY TRYING TO SAVE YOU UNNECESSARY COSTS. I GUESS EBAY HATES SAVING BUYERS MONEY PLEASE NOTE: I AM CHARGING AN EXTRA FOUR DOLLARS FOR INSURANCE (already added to your shipping charge), AND I WILL REFUND ALL UNUSED MONEYS FOR THIS USE (sorry for eBays rule on this)

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