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U.S. Army Surplus M40A1 Field Protective Gas Mask

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U.S. Army Surplus M40A1 Field Protective Gas Mask Picture(s) and Description:

 292131106748446520 U.S. Army Surplus M40A1 Field Protective Gas Mask

Hello this auction includes the mask size M/L as seen in picture, a carrier bag, 1 extra pair of eye lens, one thick plastic (disposable) waterproof baggie and the manuel. Please pay for the auction within 3 days of the auction ending if you need more time please email me and we may be able to figure something out. Paypal only please and no international shipping for regulation reasons. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding.... Below is a description of the mask The mask consists of a silicone rubber facepiece size being M/L with an in-turned peripheral face seal, binocular rigid eye lens system and elastic head harness. Other features include front and side voice transmitters, a drinking tube that mates with the M1 canteen cap, clear and tinted inserts, and a filter canister with NATO standard threads. The combination of M40 mask features allows the mask to be worn continuously for 8 to 12 hours. The face-mounted canister containing the gas and aerosol filter can be worn on either the left or the right cheek. It has capacity to withstand a maximum of 15 nerve, choking, and blister agent attacks. It will also withstand a maximum of two blood agent attacks. Biological agents do not degrade the filter. The technical description includes these parameters: Protection probabilities: 95% against 5,000 mg-min/m3 75% against 20,000 mg-min/m3 50% minimum probability of achieving no more than .002 percent penetration of Bacillus globigii. Breathing resistance: not greater than 55mm of water at 85 liter/min The M40 series of gas masks are manufactured by ILC Dover, Frederica, DE

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