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M1 Garand Stock and handguard set

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M1 Garand Stock and handguard set Picture(s) and Description:

 245661806168308820 M1 Garand Stock and handguard set

M1 Garand walnut stock and matching handguard set. Wood is new production American Black Walnut with a nice darker grain pattern, and includes correctly installed U.S.G.I metal hardware for each handguard (rear handguard clip, front handguard ferrule, and front handguard spacer). The handguards match well with stock. This buttstock is patterned very closely with the U.S.G.I. slim WWII style buttstock. The inletting on the right side of stock for the op rod is set 5/8" farther forward than normal. You can see this on the first two photos in the below villagephotos link. This does not affect the performance of the rifle, but you can see a slight gap just forward of the oprod. Right click on the blue link below to see complete picture set mounted with receiver group. To see rest of pics of stock mounted with barrel/receiver and handguards, RIGHT CLICK on the following link, and select "Open in new window": http://old.villagephotos.com/pubbrowse.asp?folder_id=2150761 Careful inspection and fitting by removing oversized areas has been made to allow for proper op rod, barrel & handguard clearances to improve your accuracy, by preventing a verical string of shot at the barrel heats up. Also, needed adjustments & fitting have been made to ensure a tight lock-up. My refinishing method has been adapted from professional military stock refinishers whose techniques represent years of trial and error designed to duplicate the finishes of yesteryear on WWII-era rifle stocks. The final two hand-rubbed coats applied were a finish formula consisting of 1/3 beeswax, 1/3 boiled linseed oil, and 1/3 turpentine - all melted together over a heat source and allowed to cool into a paste, providing the attractive nongloss war-issue type finish. The goal is to have this stock set appear and feel as an original WWII-era finish, and to enhance the value & appeal of your M1 Garand. I will include a small vial of my finish mixture which will allow you to easily rub out any future scrapes or scratches. Will Ship promptly USPS Priority. The only metal included is the handguard metal: rear handguard clip, front handguard ferrule, and front handguard spacer. Buttplate/rear swivel, and lower band are not included.

 245661806168308821 M1 Garand Stock and handguard set
 245661806168308822 M1 Garand Stock and handguard set
 245661806168308823 M1 Garand Stock and handguard set

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